How many students live at Hope Farm School?

With the current facilities, we are able to accommodate up to 14 students. We have plans to continue to add additional space as we grow and expand.

Who can become a student at Hope Farm School?

Hope Farm School accepts boys ages 11-17.  Both students and parent/guardian need to show the same desire for the student to participate in the farm school.  Students must demonstrate a desire for growth in a godly life and maturity to be admitted

What is the school schedule and yearly calendar?

The school calendar changes based on the needs of farm activity, with less academic and more agriculture study during the growing season.  There will be a fall break after the harvest, a spring break, and a more extended break during the winter holidays.

Families will come to participate in farm life as volunteers, and for family fun days and events.

Do the students live at Hope Farm School?

Students stay at the farm full time.  Academics and meals will happen in the schoolhouse.  Accommodations for students and the Resident Assistant are in the nearby bunkhouse.  Students return home every other weekend.

What type of farming will be done at Hope Farm School?

At the farm, we will be working to provide as much food as possible to sustain our own needs, and be generous to students’ home communities and families.

We will work a large fruit and vegetable garden with a variety of produce.  There will also be livestock including chickens, goats, beef cattle, and pigs.  As we continue to grow, we will incorporate beekeeping, develop an orchard, and pursue other student-directed projects.

How is Hope Farm School funded?

Hope Farm School is privately funded by donations and supported by volunteers.  Learn more about how to get involved and donate to Hope Farm School here.

What are academics like at Hope Farm School?

Academic study is individualized based on student need and assessment. Students will participate in enrichment instruction together, while core academic courses will be geared to meet students at their current level.

What is the cost to attend the Hope Farm School?

Because of the generous interested donors, Hope Farm School will be very low cost to it's students. In addition to supplying their clothing, their families will be required to volunteer 3 weekends during the summer.

What is the student discipline policy?

The purpose of discipline is to restore a loving relationship with God, and with each other.  Love is demonstrated by encouraging Godly qualities (Galatians 5:22-23), and discouraging ungodly behavior.  There will be specific guidelines for behavior and consequences, including removal if necessary.


Please contact us if you have any further questions.